Getting Started

Let Ray Elser Be Your Guide to Jackson Hole

AS THE DAWN’S SUNLIGHT glares off the surface of a gracefully flowing stream, several fishermen rhythmically whip their flyrods back and forth in hopes of landing the perfect rainbow trout. The only audible sounds are those of the trickling stream and the songbirds swirling overhead. As far as the eye can see, nothing but spectacular natural beauty surrounds the stream in every direction. And Ray Elser stands aside, offering a tidbit of assistance to the nearby anglers. “Try over there,” he points to a cove in the rocks. “Land it real soft and give it a couple of quick tugs.” The men follow his direction, and soon thereafter a plume of water erupts from the stream, revealing the first of several good-sized trout caught that morning. The men provide Ray a hearty thanks, but to Ray, what he did was nothing special, rather just exactly what he was there for.

Wise Beyond His Years

As far back as 1979, people have always seemed to count on Ray’s guidance and extensive knowledge of everything Jackson Hole has to offer. But the way he saw it, that’s what being a hunting and fishing expedition guide was all about—knowing absolutely everything he needed to know so that his customers would never have to give it a second thought. After all, it requires an immeasurable amount of trust to put a week of your life in the hands of another person, and Ray was not about to jeopardize that special bond.

Finding His Way

As a man with such a strong connection to the area, Ray longed to take his career to the next level. Combining his bachelor’s degree in business with his extensive local knowledge, he knew that he could truly make a difference in people’s lives in a more significant way than simply showing them all the area has to offer.

A New Challenge

It didn’t take Ray long to translate the skills of his last career—in- depth local knowledge, expert guidance skills and a genuine friendly personality—into a career as Your Guide to Jackson Hole Real Estate. For three decades, he has provided Jackson residents with his special brand of superior service based on the same principles he applied as a guide—learn everything you can and always make sure your customer is in good hands.

The Local’s Perspective

When you work with Ray, his patient and caring personality makes it abundantly clear that he’s dedicated to real estate for the long term. The same rings true for his community spirit. As chairman of the Jackson planning commission and board of adjustments, he was involved with every detail of this rapidly growing region and brings that insight to each of his clients.

Your Guide to Jackson Hole Real Estate

Obviously, Ray still cherishes the Jackson lifestyle for the same things that brought him here over 40 years ago. The natural beauty, the unlimited activity, the ambiance and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. But to truly experience the Jackson Hole lifestyle, you need a knowledgeable guide like Ray on your side. So send Ray a message today and schedule a complimentary tour of the area, and don’t forget your flyrod. Your Guide to Jackson Hole Real Estate would be more than happy to show you around.